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    CNC System

    • XC809T multi-function CNC lathe system
    XC809T multi-function CNC lathe system

    XC809T multi-function CNC lathe system

    • Product description: XC809T multi-function CNC lathe system

    1.1 System Overview
    XC809T multi-function CNC lathe system is a new generation CNC system developed by our company. Using 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology, full linkage, high-speed small line segment forward-looking algorithm. 0.001mm interpolation accuracy, maximum speed of 30 m/min.
    XC809T CNC system hardware and software features:
    ★ Based on 32-bit microprocessor, full linkage, 0.001mm interpolation accuracy, maximum speed of 30 m/min, support direction + pulse and orthogonal pulse.
    ★ 7 inch color widescreen LCD, resolution 800X480, Windows interface style. Equipped with 8 soft function keys, the operation is easy to learn. Provide parameter classification, alarm log, system diagnosis and other rich display interface, convenient debugging and maintenance.
    International standard G instruction, compatible with FANUC system instruction.
    Parts program full screen editing, built-in 512M massive program space, can store 500 parts program.
    ★ With USB interface, support U disk file reading and writing, data backup.
    ★ Input 24(expandable to 96) points, output 24(expandable to 96) points (custom), flexible and convenient.
    ★ Chinese/English operation interface, complete help information, more convenient operation.
    Support long knife filling and radius knife filling.
    ★ Support hand wheel test processing, convenient program debugging.
    ★ Support multi-level operation rights, convenient device management, with time-limited system lock function.
    ★ Support UG, Mastercam, PowerMill, FeatureCAM and other third-party software G code files.
    Support self programming knife library, flexible use of a variety of knife library, can use servo knife tower.
    ★ Double spindle, support spindle 2 and spindle 1 synchronous tool cutting (double servo spindle).
    Double spindle positioning function, can realize double head processing.
    ★ Synchronous operation of a feeding program to achieve efficient processing.
    Support side drilling tapping, spindle 2 position interpolation tapping.

    1.2 Technical Specifications
    The basic function
    Number of control axes 2-6 axis (X, Y, Z, A, B, C)
    Number of linkage axes Full linkage
    Knife library support, need to edit knife library code
    Minimum instruction unit 0.001 mm
    Maximum instruction ±99999999 x minimum instruction unit
    Fast feed speed 30,000mm/min
    The cutting feed mode is divided into each feed and each feed
    Fast feed multiplier F0, 25%, 50%, 75%,100%
    Pulse mode 1: Direction + pulse 2: orthogonal pulse (if the driver supports, recommended, stronger interference)
    Maximum frequency 100Khz,200Khz,500KHz can be set. (500KHz can only be achieved with all axis orthogonal output modes)
    Feed rate is 0 ~ 150%
    Electronic gear ratio 1 to 65535: 1 to 65535
    The constant linear velocity is zero
    High-speed small line segment forward-looking algorithm has
    Hand wheel trial processing
    Positioning G00 (linear interpolation positioning)
    Interpolation line (G01), arc (G02/G03/G12), spiral interpolation
    Automatic return to reference point (G28)
    LCD 7-inch TFT LCD screen, resolution 800X480
    MDI software keys 8
    Step through x1, x10, x100
    Communication port Usb port
    External handwheel interface available
    I/O interface 24/24(expandable to 96/96)
    Pause (seconds) Yes
    The quasi-stop state has
    There must have stopped
    Storage trip check yes
    MDI operation has support for multi-stage operation
    Reset is
    Skip switches have
    A single segment run has
    The program protection switch has
    The self-diagnosis function has
    Emergency stop there
    Power supply single-phase AC220V+10%-15%, 50Hz±1Hz
    Coordinate system Machine coordinate system (G53), workpiece coordinate system (G92, G54 ~ G59), local coordinate system (G52), coordinate system plane specified
    The automatic coordinate system is set to
    The decimal input has
    Auxiliary function
    Auxiliary function M2 digit, M code custom, manual /MDI/ automatic control spindle forward, reverse, stop; Control coolant start and stop; Control lubrication start and stop etc
    Main function
    Double spindle: analog quantity, 485 communication mode (more stable than analog quantity), servo pulse mode
    Digital spindle support, dual digital spindle support knife cutting function
    Tapping thread support, spindle 2 only support interpolation tapping. Support spindle 1 interpolation thread machining.
    Spindle analog output, double spindle 0~10V
    Function of cutting tool
    Tool function support automatic tool change.
    Tool compensation memory -9999.999 ~ 9999.999, 16
    Tool compensation XZ tool long tool complement, radius tool complement
    Edit operation
    Edit function parameters, diagnostic bitwise input, program editing, MDI multi-program execution
    Storage capacity: 512 MB
    Number of stored programs 500
    Program name display Chinese, English, numbers, combination
    Program line lookup has
    Skip optional program segments have
    Program switch has
    Display Chinese, English
    Processing time and number of parts are shown
    Spindle speed, M/S instruction has
    Foot size (mm)
    Main machine dimensions 390×253×80 (length × width × thickness)
    Main engine opening size 370×228 (l × W)




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